Writings & sayings of Amír al-Mu’minín HAZARAT ALI (A.S.) Including - Sermons, Letters & Sayings from the Nahjul Balagha, Sayings from the Ghurar Al-Hikam and other sources


Quotes In praise of Maula Ali (a.s.). Sayings about Hazrat Ali (A.S) from the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), The Masoomeen, Shia & Sunni sources, Word Leaders and Scholors and the general public.

Nahjul Balagha

Nahjul Balagha is that most reputed collection of the utterances of Amirul Momineen Ali (a.s.) ibn Abi Talib, which was compiled by Syed Razi, towards the close of the 4th century of Hijra.

About the Logo

The Holy Prophet (peace be on him) said:
“Man Kunto Maula Fa haza Ali-un Maula”
“Ali is the Lord of those whose Lord I am!”

Our humble efforts to depict Maula Ali’s qualities of being a Great Scholar (quill on the ascender of ‘A’) and a Great Warrior (the Zulfiqar as the letter ‘I’) do not even begin to describe the greatness of our first Imam!